Alder & Co. 2020 Year in Review

by: Mal Alder

2020 was certainly a year to remember. For many business owners, it forced them to become more adaptable to overcome the hurdles brought on by the pandemic. We are very thankful that despite its challenges, we were able to turn lemons into lemonade in 2020. Alder & Co. is very fortunate to have the clients that we do. This “Year in Review” is our reflection on the last year and the strategic projects we were able to execute for our clients. 

New Website Launches

In 2020 the world went virtual, this meant that businesses required new and improved websites to continue. Alder & Co was happy to help various clients achieve these new and improved online presences for the socially distanced consumer. 


865 Strong 

When we first saw the impact that COVID-19 was having on the small businesses in our community, we felt compelled to help in any way we could. We put out a call to local businesses offering our service to anyone in need. Through this, we were connected with Yassin Terou of Yassin’s Falafel House and worked with him to develop and launch this community-focused initiative of providing free food to those in need. Our team worked hard to create a logo, website copy, and a fully working website for this initiative. The site includes valuable information for the community like how to sign up for a free meal program, COVID-19 testing resources, and local news updates. It was such a great project to work on and we are glad the community has a resource for these unprecedented times. 

Bonus points: This project earned our agency our first Addy award from the American Advertising Federation (AAF). 

View website:


Magical Order of Brave Knights

The Magical Order of Brave Knights was created with the intent to help develop strategies to conquer separation anxiety and nighttime fears and replace it with happiness and blissful sleep for children. Their product is the Brave Knights Kit. It is designed to help children conquer their bedtime fears. We wanted to create a more dynamic and updated look and feel to help drive sales through the client’s website. Our team worked to make a fun website that appealed to both children and parents. The result was a magical website that still put their product at the forefront of its marketing. 

Visit website:


Cedar Springs Farm

This client came to us needing a platform where he could showcase his animals and provide an overview of who they are and what they do. We loved going and taking pictures of the goat farm and working to capture their story for the site.

We were able to work closely with the client to create copy that gave information about their farm, and the animals they had available for sale. The site has a fun mountain look that is also easy to navigate for those looking for more information about the farm.

Visit website:


Union Place Bar & Grill

Long-time friends of Mal Alder, owners Jenn and Aaron Nelson were looking for help to develop a website for their new restaurant.

We created a website layout that was user-friendly but also showed off the relaxed feel of this neighborhood restaurant. Their tag line is “This must be the place,” and we created a website that matched their brand’s welcoming vibes. 

Visit website:


Gatlinburg Comedy Tours

We had a blast doing a website revamp for our friends at Gatlinburg Comedy Tours. They offer walking tours with some added comedic relief in Gatlinburg. Their tours include exclusive discounts and entertainment for those looking to spend a few hours in the Smoky Mountains.

The client wanted to showcase the Smokies while creating a fun and inviting look for website users. We were able to create a whimsical design that matched the comedic tone while also giving users the information they needed to book a tour. 

Visit website:


Logo/Branding Projects

There comes a time when every company needs a refresh on their logo and branding to stay relevant. That’s why Alder & Co provides logo and rebranding services to keep our client’s brands sharp and desirable. In the last year, we were able to provide a handful of our clients with these fresh designs. 


Magical Order of Brave Knights

The Magical Order of Brave Knights wanted a formal logo that conveyed the same whimsy and creativity as their product. Our designers worked with the Magic Order until their branding melded seamlessly with their offerings. We created a whimsical, bright, and unique logo that represents their brand’s value while still leaving room for expansion later on.


865 Strong

Along with the development of the website, we wanted 865 strong to have a distinctive logo that would embody the vibrant community of Knoxville. We wanted to develop a brand that produced a feeling of positivity and connection. This colorful logo embraces individuality and connectivity.


Cedar Springs Farm

Cedar  Springs Farm was looking for a logo that represented professionalism while still effectively demonstrating their brand’s personality which of course meant including a goat. The result was this simple, clean, and modern design that still portrays a sense of fun.


Laptop Adventure Program

Another community project that Alder & Co is proud to be a part of is RCN Technologies Laptop Adventure Program which helps provide laptops for students in the Knoxville area. With program founder (friend of Alder & Co) Ben Moser’s assistance, we developed this quirky, youthful logo that personifies the brand while connecting it to those who benefit from it.


Social Media Campaigns

Social Media marketing can feel like the wild west of the marketing industry as the algorithms constantly change and trending come and go. However, with a dedicated team and curious minds, we were able to grow the social media account for our clients to increase their online traffic. 


Riveredge RV Park & Log Cabin Rentals

Riveredge RV Park already had some of the most dedicated fans on social media, but with our help, we increased their impressions and expanded their audience to increase followers and traffic to their website. Consistency with brand image and social media scheduling, as well as engaging with customers directly on the platforms helped us reach these goals.

  • In 2020, the Riveredge Facebook and Instagram pages received 1,199,864 impressions and 66,636 engagements. 
  • We were able to drive traffic to their website with 1,307 post link clicks. 
  • Facebook followers increased by 31% adding 1,913 followers total. 
  • Instagram followers increased with 255 additional followers total. 


King’s Family Distillery

King’s Family Distillery wanted to grow its online followers and engagements this past year. That’s why we focused on uniformity of brand within their social media platforms as well engagement-focused content that requests feedback from followers. With these tactics, we were able to reach over 1000 followers on Instagram in the last year. 

  • In 2020, King’s Family Distillery’s Facebook and Instagram pages received 319,330 impressions and 23,631 engagements. 
  • We were able to drive traffic to their website with 460 post link clicks. 
  • Facebook followers increased by 64% adding 1,442 followers total. 
  • Instagram followers increased by 52% adding 517 new followers. 


Boyd’s Jig and Reel

During 2020, restaurants had to remain flexible to comply with COVID-19 regulations, and inform their patrons of the changes. Not only this, but we wanted to still connect with followers and fans of the brand. That is why Boyd’s Jig & Reel social strategy focused on social responsibility and safety. 

  • Our team has worked closely with this client to help inform the general public of important updates related to the restaurant’s response to COVID-19.
  • We have continued to promote socially responsible promotions and events at the pub to create a safe but inviting feel for their social media messaging. 


Company Successes

Although the past year has been difficult for the whole community, Alder & Co was still able to grow by 60% during the past year. This meant the necessity for office space and new offerings. We are grateful for the successes of the last year that came from hard work and great clients!


Alder & Co. Turned 2!

Time flies when you’re having fun! In December 2020, Alder & Co. celebrated two years in business. We are very thankful for the clients who have trusted us with their marketing needs, and we look forward to continuing to serve our community for years to come. 


New Office Space

Moving on up! We have moved from our dining room tables into an official office space located in the heart of the Old City. Stop by and see us at 200 West Jackson Avenue Suite #2 in the JFG Building. 


New Service Offerings


Marketing Director On-Demand

If you are a marketing manager, or business owner looking for a hands-on approach to digital marketing campaigns, then we have a new service for you. We are now offering Marketing Director On-Demand! This service includes unlimited email support and one-hour phone consultations per month to help answer any questions you have and provide support. Feel free to reach out for more information. 


In-House Photography

We are offering in-house photography services for our small business clients. This includes product photography, on-site images, and stock photography alternatives. For professional, branded photography that demonstrates your brands personality, look no further than Alder & Co’s in-house options. Contact us for more details. 

We have been so fortunate to work with all of these amazing clients. It has been a pleasure to see their marketing projects come to life. The Alder & Co. team is excited to see what 2021 has in store. 

If you are looking to step up your digital marketing for 2021, contact our team today!