New 2021 Facebook Update Removes ‘Like’ Button & Other Platform Changes

by: Mal Alder

New changes are rolling in for Facebook! The social media platform has decided to start 2021 by changing the Facebook pages experience. What does that entail? The new Facebook pages update means that pages of brands, artists, and public figures will no longer have the like button. Instead, the focus will be on how many followers the page has.

By removing the like button, Facebook is hoping to make it easier for public figures and creators to build community and achieve their business objectives. In the new layout design, Facebook pages will only show followers. It will no longer show likes acquired in a post. In addition to this big change, Facebook will also add the feature of a dedicated News Feed. Users will be able to join conversations and the page holders can engage with their followers in this feed. According to Facebook, the changes have already been introduced, however, sometimes it takes a while for everyone to receive the updates. The list of updates also includes upgrading the task-based admin controls, improve actionable insights, and safety features. Here is a full list of the changes according to a Facebook blog post.


What all does the 2021 Facebook update include?

  • An updated layout that’s simpler and more intuitive
  • A dedicated News Feed to help users discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans
  • Easier navigation between personal profile and Pages
  • Updated task-based admin controls that now offers the ability to give Page admins full control or partial access
  • Added actionable insights and better-tailored notifications
  • Additional safety and integrity features to help detect spam and fake/impersonator accounts

Image courtesy of Facebook.

Q&A Format Feature in New 2021 Facebook Pages Update

Facebook also introduced a new Q&A feature to encourage conversation and engagement on their platform. Now, businesses can start a Q&A and set the topic for their followers. Comments will be open on the post for 24 hours if the user doesn’t end it earlier. Business owners should take advantage of this new feature and use it as a tool to engage with their followers. They can create a space where their customers and clients feel comfortable asking them any questions they have. 


What does this 2021 Facebook update mean for business owners? 

The new Facebook pages update means that business owners should utilize the new features that have been introduced. Learning how to use the Q&A format is a great way to start a conversation with your followers. Also, you should utilize the dedicated News Feed feature to build engagement with your audience. This is a chance for business owners to build a community among their followers.

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