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6 Ideas for Summer Content Every Business Owner Should Know

by: Mal Alder
Things are heating up which means summer is upon us. As you start to develop a plan for your business this season, Alder & Co. has insights on the 6 best summer content ideas that every business owner should know.

Holiday Fun

Some of the best holidays take place over the summer. From Independence Day to Memorial Day to Father’s Day, and even some lesser-known ones (Hello World UFO Day on July 2), holidays can be a great theme for your online content. Create a graphic or share some team photos about the holiday of your choice to boost views on all platforms. Using holidays can keep your content relevant, increase impressions and build engagement.


Cool Ideas – How to beat the heat

As we head into the warmer months, try sharing advice on ways to stay cool. From cold drinks to swimming, and more, the possibilities are endless. Check out some ideas below:

  • For realtors: Try highlighting home-owner tips, like ways to keep your home cool with the rising outdoor temperature. You could also showcase your listings with pools if you have them.
  • For retail: Try to tie in the items you sell with the changing of the season. For example, this is the perfect time to show off a new set of cups by pairing them with your favorite drink recipe or stage a backyard picnic with some of your favorite snack items.
  • For healthcare: Summer heat can bring a lot of stress to our bodies. This is an opportunity to talk about the dangers of high heat and how to avoid it or give advice on ways to stay active outside.
  • For restaurants: This is the perfect time to feature your seasonal options for both food and drink. You can even invite some of your favorite regulars to come down and enjoy the new samplings for a mini-photo shoot for your social media!
  • For hospitality: Emphasize your property’s warm-weather amenities or other Summer-time fun options in your area that guests will enjoy, including upcoming events and popular attractions.


Road Trip Ideas – Put yourself on their map

With vaccine distribution ramping up but flying still being a hassle, you can bet people will be participating in the favorite summer pastime of road tripping! If you have a brick-and-mortar location or are in the hospitality industry, you can use this to your advantage.

Make sure you encourage your followers to include your business on their road trip route by creating your own road trip map for them to use. Readers love getting expert advice from locals too, so it is a great way to improve SEO.


Summer Specials

With warm weather and summer excitement, it’s a great time to take advantage of the hype. Generate buzz around your business by offering specials, deals, and sales! Summer is a great time to do a sun-themed deal for your social media followers or email subscribers to utilize. Bonus tip, utilize summer holidays to theme your sales around while making them feel important by offering exclusive deals for subscribers or followers.


Hop on a Trend

Tiktok and Instagram Reels are all the rage right now, so stay relevant by hopping on the latest craze on these platforms. You can find what’s trending on the Tiktok trends page, the Instagram Reels tab, or just follow some of the top creators to stay in the know. You can even utilize trending hashtags or trend analytic tools for the latest data.

Not only can this short-form content help you stay trendy, but it can also put a face to your brand. This personalization helps followers form a sense of connection to you and your company.


Leave it to the Pros

If you are overwhelmed by the digital marketing landscape, or simply don’t have the time or staff to make your profiles and websites shine, then let the professionals do it for you. Alder & Co. has one of the best digital marketing teams in the southeast, and we are committed to curiosity, innovation, and trackable solutions for all your digital needs.  We do way more than coming up with killer summer content ideas. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.